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The Red Scarf Project

A number of years ago I came upon a website for The Red Scarf Project, in which red scarves are knitted for orphaned young adults in college and distributed by Foster Care to Success. At 18 years old young people are released from the foster care system, often with no family and very little money. The red scarves are a token of caring, as well as one less practical item they won’t have to spend money on. And — so fitting — they are given on Valentine’s Day.

Foster Care for Success logo

It touched my heart. How would I have felt entering this scary new adult world with no parents to guide me? So I began to knit red scarves. They ranged from the very simple stockinette to the more intricate basketweave to cabled knits with fringe. They’re required to be machine-washable, so it was a great way to use up regular acrylic sale yarn — and there’s always plenty of red to be had of that!

If you’d like to do this, there’s a short window of opportunity to send scarves; they’re only accepted between September 1 and December 15. You need to follow specific instructions for knitting and finishing. There’s an emergency fund as well, so you can send monetary donations if you want to. Foster Care to Success encourages donations of personal care items and school supplies as well, and welcomes organizations to get involved with multiple donations.

I wish I had a photo of one of the scarves I knitted, but they’ve all been sent away! So here’s an example from Foster Care to Success using a palindrome reversible scarf pattern from Come to Silver.

If you knit a scarf for this project, please drop me a note and a photo and I’ll post it. Happy knitting!


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