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Beaded Cowl Kit Giveaway!


If you’ve wanted to knit with beads, why not try to win the Compass Cowl Kit, gifted by Javori Designs, in the newest giveaway?

The Cowl Kit comes with yarn, glass beads, a threader to string the beads on, and a pattern. It’s a one-skein project made with soft Berroco Weekend DK yarn. You have a choice of seven colors: Cobalt, Crimson, Emerald, Fuchsia, Midnight, Sand, and Teal. The kits come with beads designed to stand out according to the color you’ve chosen.

You can enter once per day, and you’ve got to act fast on this one – it ends on January 29 at midnight. Click here to enter and good luck!


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Organic Wool Dryer Ball Giveaway!

If you live in the knitosphere, at some point or other you are going to come across felting, that magical process by which 100% wool becomes a fabric through agitating for a while in your washing machine or being stuck with a needle. My romance with felting began with a simple pouch and evolved into a quest for chemical-free laundry. Along the way, I discovered that you can drop felted wool dryer balls in the dryer instead of fabric softener, so I made myself a set.

Susan's wool dryer ball
BellaKnitta wool dryer ball

In a friend’s Facebook post I mentioned what I’d done and he asked me to make him a set. So I did, and then another friend asked, then another…and a little cottage business was born, BellaKnitta Wool Dryer Balls. Here are some fun facts about dryer balls you can find there:

What are wool dryer balls? They are balls made of 100% wool that you toss in the dryer with your wet clothes. They tumble about and act as a natural fabric softener.

Why should I use wool dryer balls? So many reasons!
1. They make your clothes soft and scent free without the toxic chemicals found in bottled fabric softener or dryer sheets. Moms love them for drying baby’s cloth diapers.
2. They eliminate static cling.
3. They dry your clothes in about one third the time, so you get your wash done faster.
4. Because your clothes dry faster, you use less energy and pay less money to do your wash.
5. They’re just so darn cute and will love living in your dryer!

How many do I need? Six is sufficient for a normal dryer load. For a jumbo load, you may use up to 12.

How big are they? About the size of a tennis ball.

How long do they last? A set should last from 500 to 1,000 dryer cycles. When you notice it’s taking longer to dry your clothes, then it’s time for a new set.

How do you make them? I make each ball by hand out of 100% wool roving from a family farm in North Carolina. Roving is the sheared wool that when spun makes yarn. I use a process called needle felting to make each ball, and each ball takes from 30 to 40 minutes to make. This process does not use energy or water, as other felting processes do, so it saves precious resources.

So…don’t you want some wool dryer balls? You’re in luck — I’m giving away a set of six. Just use the form below to enter (U.S. residents only). You’ll also receive occasional news from BellaKnitta by entering. The giveaway starts today, January 15 and ends February 14. Good luck!


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Calling All Downtown Abbey Fans! Yarn Giveaway

Downton Abbey yarn
Downton Abbey yarn

Do you love all things Downton Abbey? Did you know there’s a yarn named after the popular series? Well, there is, and you can win three skeins of it from

Premier Yarns has gifted the skeins of Downton Abbey Lady Mary Yarn in Silver Frost and Susan Bates Size 8 knitting needles. You can enter once per day and the deadline to enter the contest is January 22, 2017.

Four types of yarn comprise the Downton Abbey Collections and are named for four characters in the show: Lady Mary, Matthew, Branson, and Lady Sybil. Lady Mary yarn is a lightweight yarn, 95% acrylic and 5% glitter, and comes in eight colors.

For more about the Downtown Abbey yarns, read the review. You can enter the giveaway here.

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How to Create a Sacred Space for Crafting – Lion Brand Notebook

Do you have a dedicated space for knitting or other crafts, or do you simply sit wherever the cat or your kids haven’t? Maybe your knitting takes place in front of the TV every night, or in bed before you turn in. Truth be told, I myself curl up on my loveseat to do most of my knitting. It’s not particularly sacred, just a good place where I can view my favorite show, reach for my glass of water, and get comfy in my pajamas.

In How to Create a Sacred Space for Crafting – Lion Brand Notebook, blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo shares how to instead make a healing, relaxing craft space, and setting the intention of making knitting a sacred act. We follow her suggestions at the prayer shawl circle I belong to. We use a center candle — electric, because we borrow a room in a house of worship/child care center, not to mention we don’t want to set our knitting on fire — to set the mood. Silent meditation while knitting gets us into a contemplative space, along with opening and closing prayer.

Vercillo suggests adding scent to conjure up a meditative state. When I want to drift away, I use nag champa, an intoxicating and heavy incense from India, to relax me. I smudge with palo santo, a wood from Peru, and use good old-fashioned sage to clear the air. As long as my project is for myself, a little incense-infused knitting sounds just perfect.

So do you think this is something you’d do? I’m curious to hear your thoughts – please, do share!


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Super Scarf Contest to Benefit Warm Up America!

Photo by Flickr/MissMessie
Photo by Flickr/MissMessie

Just read about a fabulous contest/giveaway to benefit U.S. women in shelters — I may have to enter this one myself! Design a knit or crochet Super Scarf, and Knit Simple magazine and Warm Up America! will choose two winners from five finalists in each category (knit and crochet). Finalists’ patterns will be available as a free download, while the two winners will win a prize package. Contest ends March 31, 2017.

Get all the details on the Knit Simple website, and good luck!

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Interchangeable Needles and Red Heart Merlot Yarn Giveaway

Needlemaster system
Needlemaster system

Who can’t use an extra set of circular knitting needles? If you’ve got a bunch of WIPs, you can always use one. Now you can win one, until January 15, by entering’s giveaway, sponsored by Simplicity. Here are the deets:

“You can win a 40-Piece Needlemaster Interchangeable Needle System with 1 skein of Red Heart With Love Yarn in Merlot. The Interchangeable Needle System provides you with 8 sets of aluminum single-point knitting needles, cable cords in 20-inch, 24-inch, 29-inch and 36-inch, along with a travel case that includes 4 stitch holders (button) and 2 cable couplers. You’ll love that you can knit with circular needles, straight flexible needles, and you can even elongate the cables with the couplers.”

Enter here, and good luck!

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STITCHES United 2017 VIP Giveaway is giving away a VIP trip to STITCHES United 2017, in Hartford, Connecticut, on April 27 to 30, 2017, sponsored by The Knitting Universe. STITCHES United is a venue for multi-crafters: knitters, crocheters, quilters, sewers, and embroiderers. You and a friend will receive five nights of hotel accommodations, any and all classes and events, front-row VIP seating at Fashion Night, and more!

Click here to enter – good luck!

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