How to Create a Sacred Space for Crafting – Lion Brand Notebook

Do you have a dedicated space for knitting or other crafts, or do you simply sit wherever the cat or your kids haven’t? Maybe your knitting takes place in front of the TV every night, or in bed before you turn in. Truth be told, I myself curl up on my loveseat to do most of my knitting. It’s not particularly sacred, just a good place where I can view my favorite show, reach for my glass of water, and get comfy in my pajamas.

In How to Create a Sacred Space for Crafting – Lion Brand Notebook, blogger and author Kathryn Vercillo shares how to instead make a healing, relaxing craft space, and setting the intention of making knitting a sacred act. We follow her suggestions at the prayer shawl circle I belong to. We use a center candle — electric, because we borrow a room in a house of worship/child care center, not to mention we don’t want to set our knitting on fire — to set the mood. Silent meditation while knitting gets us into a contemplative space, along with opening and closing prayer.

Vercillo suggests adding scent to conjure up a meditative state. When I want to drift away, I use nag champa, an intoxicating and heavy incense from India, to relax me. I smudge with palo santo, a wood from Peru, and use good old-fashioned sage to clear the air. As long as my project is for myself, a little incense-infused knitting sounds just perfect.

So do you think this is something you’d do? I’m curious to hear your thoughts – please, do share!



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