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Getting to Know You Gift Exchange

I really like the idea of community, and gifting, and squishy yarn mail, and surprises. So when I came across a Secret Santa-type gift exchange running on a Facebook knitting group recently, I thought that would be perfect for BellaKnitta.

The gift exchange is hosted on a website called Elfster that lets you join and build a wishlist, then draws a name of someone to whom you send a gift. You won’t be sending gifts to each other–there are no paired drawings–but you will be able to view that person’s wishlist, name, and address.

If there is no wishlist, you can ask your person a question through the Elfster website. There’s also a public wall to post comments and chat with each other as the exchange is going on.

There’s a spending limit of US$25, so everyone receives gifts of equal value. Gifts and wishes can be anything knitting related; yarn, needles, notions, knitting bags, books, magazines. This is going to be lots of fun!

Register for the BellaKnitta Getting to Know You Gift Exchange by April 8; names will be drawn April 9, and the gift exchange is April 15. In other words, you need to send your gift by April 15. This is an international exchange (the average cost of international postage is US$6) and is per the honor system; please don’t sign up if you don’t intend to send a gift to someone. If you change your mind after signing up, you are free to withdraw by logging on to Elfster and changing your reply by April 8.

You can also share this exchange by sharing this blog post, inviting your friends by email, or posting it on Facebook or Twitter. By signing up for the exchange, you will be added to the BellaKnitta email list (if you’re not part of it already). I am so excited to be hosting this gift exchange! If you like it and want more, please let me know. Have fun and happy gifting!